Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nerney Blog/2008 Family Reunion

Hi All!

Cousin Jim Nerney has created this site for all of us to keep in touch, update on new additions to the family and share memories. It would be great if everyone became involved with the family in some shape or form.

One of the things that Nana instilled in me was the importance of family. If I can I can do the same with my boys I feel I have honored Nana. Ok, this is still a work in-progress. Andrew flaked on the family reunion and Mason didn't try too hard to rearrange his work schedule.

The family reunion was a lot of fun. I was delighted to see Janie and George, their daughter and son and grandkids. It had been too many years. If there had been a prize for traveling the furthest to the reunion it would have gone to Paul Roger's daughter, Beth. Beth, her hubby and baby made the trip from St Louis. Also Elizabeth (Larry & Lynette's daughter) drove from Bakersfield with 4 kids ages 2-12 and maintained her sanity. To my brother, Terry, thank you for being crazy enough to host the reunion. I know you gave up vacation time to get ready. For those that took photos at the reunion we'd love to see them posted on this site.

Hope to see everyone soon. Love, Norah

FYI For those out of touch, Paul Rogers is Susan Schuman's son. Norah and Terry are Nancy's children. For those really out of touch, Nancy is the youngest of the 12 Nerney children.

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Anonymous said...

Being at the ranch brought back memories of Nana and the Krysts and my uncles who lived with Nana at various times. I was so glad to see Frank and Lucy and Nancy and many of the same cousins who played with me as a kid. Love you all, Jim