Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fw: Happy Friday, of for some, a four day weekend. (ps: ttfn=ta ta for now!!!!)

Good afternoon, and it is over, for another year.

I drove to Aptos, under a cloudy sky on Wednesday. It rained, and the wind blew and the ocean was agitated. I listened to my music and had the window open and listened to the roar of the ocean between songs. My lady was at home and she had started the slow-cook-crock-pot, and I would be happy upon my return to our home, and the aromas wafting around the place.

I got to dads, the traffic was horrible once I got within the Santa Cruz City Limits. I inched along and made it to his bivouac above the Aptos Harbor where lies the "cement-boat". Time and tide have not been good and nobody will sail upon her concrete hide again. We visited in the kitchen while I walked around to get the feeling back in my legs and ankles from the 2 hour ride. He looked well and was all packed and ready to go. We left, what else was there to do?

The rain was intermittent going North and the wind still blew. We had an informative friendly chat and listened occasionally to some music and the miles passed. We arrived at home and Joey was there as I had picked him up at about 9:30 in the morning prior to getting my butt to Aptos. We had a good visit and then he high-tailed it down the stairs into the bowels of our house where he lied upon the Aero-Bed and rested. Joey had told me about 2 weeks ago that he wanted the other "poppy" to come as it didn't seem like Thanksgiving or Christmas without him. To say the least I was tickled and told Lynnette and that's when we decided that our grandson should be made to feel that it was indeed "that festive" time of the year. Dad liked that little interplay that I related to him. As I told Lynnette at the time my Joey makes life a lot more fun.

We did eat the beef stew that my lady, lefty, had concocted. It was delicious, filling, and I liked it. I decided to call Shelley while dad was over and they had a very nice conversation. Yesterday was the day of the week that we had arrived at with great anticipation of "Buon Gusto" and lefty did not disappoint. Lynnette, herself, had watched one of the cooking shows-probably on the Food Network-and we had a new way of preparation of the noble bird. She put sage below the skin and basted it in olive oil, and then added the standard salt (sea salt) and pepper (ground from our grinder of course). Well I had not had it cooked that way before and I say that I have not tasted better, and probably I will request it again. I will probably not get my way as she will have watched a new episode around a year from now and the latest version will again be a home run.

Thursday morning my sister, the brilliant chanteuse, Susan Jean, called to wish our house-hold a Happy Thanksgiving. I inquired as to her plans and they were going to Fred's sister Barbara's for the feast and were bringing some stuff with them. I suggested that she talk to Francis Nerney, himself, and she agreed and they had a fine conversation. My father was a very happy man, having talked to two women that he loves. I went and picked up Ms. Mary Ann 2'ish, as that is always the correct time to bring her over. It is written in the stars that shortly after 2 pm is when the visitor is supposed to show up-and so it was. We had those savory snack thingies that are mouth-watering and I had my fill as well as Joey, Dad, and the rest of the usual suspects. Dinner was legendary and I ate as if it were to be my last meal and the Governor had not said that I was to be spared. I did not even have a piece of one of two fine pies that Mary Ann had brought to us from Marie Callendar's. Marie may or may not wonder where they were-they are mostly gone as of this moment, and I have yet to eat even a slice.

Today I drove home the visitor from the south, and he sends his best to all and sundry. As do I, and as do all who speak well of you.

So until the next time, love and hugs, and ttfn,


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