Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Sunday, and another day to follow in honor of our Presidents

Good morning and a fabulous day to us all,

We have the wind, and we have the rain, and we have the beating, breaking, breath-taking waves crashing and swirling. My house, during the wee hours of the morning and up until noon is being buffeted with high winds. Our siding, that was once guaranteed to stay in place is now all over the place (on the Western side: on the largest area per side of siding) on the side of the house, and the pieces of Styrofoam insulation are all over the place. I went out, into the wind, and rain, to pick them up and pile them in the backyard. The siding is still guaranteed, however, the siding company is not returning calls, and not responding to emails, and we do not want the legal profession to take what little money is left over after daily needs, and taxes, and well, you know, food.

So we will soldier on and in the next few weeks we will have Lynnette's handyman remove the rest of the siding from the offending side of the house, and take out the nails, and it will be painted the same color of the siding that will remain on the other three sides. There will be no more buffeting to remove siding, and we will pay to have it repainted as time and tide, and sun and rain take the color out of it. Oh well, the siding wars, and the business that should be standing behind their product have won the contest. Again, I bow my head and ask for justice, and the ages roll and the time and tide continue and again, there is NO JUSTICE. Still, we will continue and we will shake our fists at corporate America and watch the rich and the CEO's continue to prosper as they have the lawyers and they have the wealth and they will continue to laugh up their sleeves at the rest of us (see the bankers, the Mortgage lenders, the former US Steel executives as they laze and count their filthy lucre, and again I say; you dirty bad dudes!!!!).

Dr. Stanley, before I braved the storm and straightened out the detritus of the morning wind, told us about the Grace of Jesus, and how that affects the Christian. Before I knew the extent of the evil in the world, Dr. Stanley tells us that all works out for those that Love God and obey Him. I accept the words, and I accept the Good News, and yet I still cleaned up in the rain, while the wind still blows. God's Grace, as St. Paul said, is sufficient in all situations. My house is still standing, both figuratively, and literally, and the Grace of Jesus, by the Will of the Father, by the Power of the Holy Spirit still rules the world. Again the Grace comes by the Word, and the Word by listening, and the Grace of Jesus was given on the cross, and by His holy, sinless, perfect life and the sacrifice that takes my place, and the rest of humanities. Even in the midst of Paul's stoning, ship wrecks, and loneliness, and storm tossed existence he stated that the Grace of Jesus was sufficient to meet all his needs. I have my little gripes, and I sometimes wonder why things are not better, and then I remember my part is to Obey, and I think back and that has not always been my response to the words. So I will continue to try, and think on Paul.

Tomorrow is the Monday that we celebrate the combined birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. They represent all of the Presidents, and I say; thanks for my wife not needing to go to work tomorrow. Thanks, oh former, dead Presidents for being good enough to cause us to pause and reflect upon the founding fathers, and upon the 16th man to hold the office. Both great men, obviously, and Washington was the one who became the model, and chose to serve only two terms, when he could have served until his death. Abraham Lincoln knew that only as one country could we survive, and that it was going to take the death of many for that to happen, and still he soldiered on.

So with the siding, I say, oh well, and I laugh at the storm (from INSIDE the house). We will enjoy our three day weekend, and may you all do the same.

The siding will be buffeted again, and still the house will stand. That's enough for me.

Have fun, and soldier on with your siding, and the storms of life,

Love and hugs, Larry

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