Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seeing Frank Nerney

Subject: Papasita, himself, Francois Nerney

Good day, to you and yours,

We are doing well for a couple of graduates from South City High. Lynnette is soon to make the eggs, and bacon, and of course, potatoes, and we will eat like the famished hordes that we are.

Yesterday I called up dad, I call on most weekends, and he further expounded upon his possible anemia. What happened is that the blood test that he had taken was going to take two to three weeks, and one of the things they were going to be checking out is if he had anemia. The results came back and no, he has no anemia. (I was under the impression that they thought he had anemia, and there was further testing to do-not the case).

All is well in his neck of the woods, and I checked further regarding something he told me in the passed few years. He has had his name in the queue for a retirement community home. He heard that the date for him to make that change is drawing closer. Two people that were friends of his, and had already lived there have been called to their great reward. It's an interesting development that as someone dies your home gets closer to a reality. He likes the landlady where he is now very much, and the living accommodations, but he does want this further flexibility.

Mr. Nerney advised that his other son, the one in Colorado, the one with the degrees, and the fine attitude, and the plaudits from his fellow man, is having him stay at his house from 8/5 thru 8/19. It was further stated that one of Steve's sons is also flying in from Ohio on the day that dad arrives.

Papa is looking forward to music, visiting time, eating time, and the hikes that they go on. I applaud the Colorado branch of the family for there usual hospitality, and wish all of you well.

I will also send email that I will request Francis H., himself, to answer about the goings on. Otherwise I will have to call him upon his return, and that would actually cost me money (something I try to avoid).

To all, have fun with family, and friends, and still seek for justice in this world; it is an empty search, but I need company.

Love and hugs, and ttfn,

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