Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana

I think of her every year on this day...and many other days as well. She gave me so much. My character, faith, optimism, love of people. I am fortunate that Uncle Frank reminds me of her wisdom and humor. I am grateful to God for being her granddaughter, and for my heritage, legacy, family. May the Lord bless each of you.


Laura said...

hope you read this Jimmy...I appreciated your call about my sister Suzanne. Love, cousin Laura

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and Cousins,
These three days, Jan 31, Feb 1, and Feb 2, hold special significance for me - Nana's birthday, Fred and Mary's anniversary, and Fred's birthday.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Those dates I know well.but also Jan.23(Lucy),Jan25(Jack)&Feb1-The day NANA did not wake up.Love, respect and emotions are all there.
What a heritage! jack stack

Anonymous said...

One of my life regrets is that I did not go to see Nana on her last birth day. Cousin Jim

Eileen Quinn said...

The John and Ann that are at Dennis's wedding on 28Jul1863 are John Nerney and his wife Ann Owens, not Ann Nerney their sister.