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This introduction and recognition was omitted from the Nerney & O’Shea ancestors history
So far I have published a family tree and issued it to Nana’s heirs in 1992.1 have updated and will lend copies to any who will want to Xerox it and return it back. Contact me! About 2 years ago I digitalized Nerney documents, deeds. Photos. letters and 1940’s film, plus Jimmy Nerney’s camcorder tapes (1980’s) INTRO A 2 PART dvd disc that 8 of you helped me to partly finance. If you want a free copy, ask me or one of your cousins. Will I complete my trilogy by publishing all I know about the ancestral history of JAMES C NERNEY and MARGARET H 0’ SHEA, I don’t know. I need to do for my STACK kin what I have done for my mom’s parents
But in the ensuing months I will recap the research highlights of both of our g’parents lineage. Also let me acknowledge the contributions of MIKE NERNEY & PAUL ROGERS Whether it was the use of the internet, letters to governmental agencies, searching directories, etc ... .their efforts have vastly increased our family history. So the recap is a shared venture, words and errors are mine. Contact me about mistakes, omissions or new info.
Done Dec. 2009 but for some mistake was not included on my 1 postings and neither was NANA’S Maternal side, Part I
Ann Spratt marries Philip Sherlock about 1 857.The guess is in Penn. because Lucy is born there (June14 1859 says family bible).
Aug.11 1860 US Census states that Ann(25) &Phillip(27) are Irish born and Lucy(l) born in Penn. Philip has a farm at Manchester, Wayne Co., Penn
Dec.3, 1862, Mary Alice Sherlock (Nana’s mom) is born.
History of The Spratt’s and Sherlock’s
The 1850 US Census shows no Sherlock’s in Penn., but some in nearby New York. Ship immigration records on July14, 1850 show the ‘Jacob A Westervelt’ arriving in NYC from Liverpool,IJK carrying a Phillip Sherlock (25) and 3 sisters, ages 23-24. It is highly likely that this is our Phillip!
Spratts have been here prior to the 1 census of 1790, but we do not find them in NE Penn until 1820/30’s close to Wayne Co. In the 1840’s 3 fanning couples from Ireland are working the land in Manchester, Penn they have kids born in Penn, but no one named Ann. Then the ship”Perserverance’ arrives in NYC with Mrs. Spratt(45),Michael(l6),Miss Spratt(19) and a Miss Spratt(I6) TillS JIBES WITH WHAT Nana told me about her great g’mother,Mary Alice Stapleton Spratt having 2 girls close in age and this lady came to the USA and died in or near NJ /NY. Also having a Michael in the group adds weight to the thinking that this our family Also the ship leaves from Dublin, Ire. and that is where Nana said was the town from which the Spratts came
Early 1860’s Ann has a Lizzie (Nana said)
Then disaster strikes the Nation-April 1861 the Civil War starts and immediately Michael
Spratt enlists in the 6th Reg’t,Penn. Reserve Infantry(35th Volunteers), joining 10 other
Spratts from Penn.
Second disaster is personal Under 2 mo’s pregnant Ann learns her spouse ,Phillip, has
drowned while going from Equinunk, PA to Lordville,NY, while crossing the Delaware
R..On Dec.3, 1862, her 3 child is born-Mary Alice Sherlock

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